Mihal Greener


Mihal is a freelance writer from Melbourne


Warrant for Gaddafi brings little hope
Could you have a drinking problem?
After the wine started flowing, so did the confessions. In the suburban book club, buoyed by the intimacy of shared confidences amongst mothers in similar circumstances, the...
Award winning help for dyslexia patients
Pop culture fads that make you go meh | Mamamia
By MIHAL GREENER Many moons ago when planning my first trip to Europe I was met with a unanimous chorus of "whatever you do, don't miss Prague." Knowing I couldn't miss what was...
Anna Paulowna
Conference puts nuclear disarmament on international agenda
Are Aussie expats all the same?
Expat Australians around the world encounter common Aussie stereotypes all the time. But MIHAL GREENER, living in the Netherlands, questions what does it really mean to be an...
ICC beleaguered by Africa focus
The Wiggles farewell the UK in style
If 21 years ago The Wiggles had any idea they would still be performing to pre-schoolers around the world today a few things may have been done differently, according to Red...
Meat sparks freedom of religion debate

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